Who studies TCM Acupuncture?

Are you thinking of studying TCM Acupuncture at our College? It is now Spring and a good time, from a Chinese Medical point of view, to look ahead and plan for the future. The next group of new students will be starting with us in early October and there is still time to apply for this programme.

We are often asked: “What kinds of people study TCM Acupuncture at the ICTCM?”

People who study Chinese Medicine come from all walks of life ranging from Farmers to Pharmacists, Electricians to Musicians, Nurses to Housewives, Teachers to Therapists, those already in an established profession to those with no structured career.

Many of our students will have some prior acquaintance with TCM in one of its forms but applicants need have no prior formal education within a medical or TCM field. Knowledge of Western Medicine is not required.

Over the years the ICTCM has, however, also trained quite a number of western medically qualified doctors, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists and other healthcare personnel in TCM Acupuncture such that these individuals are now trained in both Western Medicine and Acupuncture TCM.

Acupuncture Students

Our undergraduate-level students include those who are:

  • Very interested in Chinese Medicine and delighted to find a part time programme that will enable them to enter the profession.
  • In a job that is no longer fulfilling or interesting.
  • Enjoying their current job but wishing to combine this part-time with work in a caring profession.
  • Working as a therapist in another field and wishing to add Chinese Medicine to their clinical practice.
  • Western Medicine doctors, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists or other healthcare personnel.
  • Retired, or semi-retired, and wishing to start a new and exciting second career.
  • Tired of working for other people and wanting to work for themselves.
  • Looking for a satisfying and fulfilling career after raising a family or spending some years in higher education or having flitted from job to job.

If you think that our 3 year part time intensive programme might suit you, go to our Application page for more information.

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