Application – Acupuncture

Acupuncture Training in Ireland – How to apply

Here we explain how to apply for the early October 2024 intake of the Acupuncture Training Course in Ireland, called the Lic.TCM, a  3 year part-time programme taught in our specialist College in Dublin, and via Zoom.

The Application procedures are as follows:

  • Obtain a full Prospectus pack, Acupuncture Professional Training (Lic.TCM) Prospectus pack online as a PDF file or from The Admissions Officer (by post).
  • If you ask for a postal pack you will receive a full colour brochure about the college.
  • Read the prospectus pack carefully. It includes details of Course fees and payment plans.
  • Print (if necessary), fill in and sign the Application form (see notes below) and then
  • Scan it and send it as an email attachment to the College. Details of where to send this can be seen on the Prospectus-Letter-2024
  • Include an email or letter explaining why you wish to apply.
  • Include a passport-sized photograph of yourself.

Please provide, on the application form and accompanying letter or email:

  • As much detail as possible about your reasons for wishing to apply.
  • Honest and inclusive information about yourself including your educational, medical and occupational background.
  • The name, postal address, email address and telephone number of 2 people who know you well, but are not close family members, and can vouch for your character and academic ability, and can give their view of your suitability to work with people in a caring profession.

You can go to the Course Structure page if you want to look in more detail at the way in which the Acupuncture Training in Ireland is  delivered – partly in our TCM College in Dublin and partly via Zoom – before sending in your Application.

Who can apply

As this is an intensive part time Acupuncture course, a high level of commitment is essential but no specific formal academic qualifications are required. We do, of course, need to be sure that applicants are capable of following an intensive and sometimes challenging course of study and Clinical training.

Students should normally be at least 21 years old when they start the course. There is no upper age limit.

Good spoken and written English is required. The course is taught in English by staff who have experience as TCM Acupuncture practitioners in Ireland and other parts of Europe. All technical TCM terminology is taught in Chinese Pinyin, but this is taught during the course. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of Chinese language or culture.

No prior knowledge of Western Medicine or Chinese Medicine is needed either.

As the College specialises in turning out fully-rounded professional practitioners, not mere theoreticians, the course is best suited to those who hope to take up a career in Acupuncture TCM. In this profession the ability to effectively communicate with others on a one-to-one basis is very useful. However, those who have not yet had the opportunity to develop such skills will do so during the course.

A general interest in Chinese approaches to medicine and health will be valuable, as will experience dealing with people in either a health-related, caring or other socially interactive work environment.

While the Licentiate is specifically designed for part time adult students, applicants who already have significant commitments in terms of work or family will need to be sure that they have the resources and support to sustain them through the course.

As this is a part time course, it should be noted that we cannot consider applications from overseas students needing a Student Visa.

Selection Procedures

We take up references for all applicants. Suitable applicants are interviewed by a senior member of staff and the whole process usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

People who study Acupuncture and other branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Irish College of TCM come from all walks of life, from many different countries and from a wide variety of backgrounds. The College has an equal opportunities policy which applies to all candidates. Each applicant will be considered on his or her own merits.

Prospective students must, on the basis of their application, references and interview, show that they:

  • are competent to meet the educational and other demands of the course.
  • are fully committed to an intensive and demanding course of theoretical and practical study.
  • display personal attributes suited to a caring profession.
  • are of mature disposition.

The offer of a place on the Acupuncture Training in Dublin, Ireland will be based on an applicant’s effort in completing the application process correctly; meeting the entry requirements of the course, and their suitability for the course based on references and interview.

Places are limited and, after interviews are conducted, places are offered on a first come first served basis. Detailed information on course venue, dates, times and all other relevant particulars are then provided on acceptance to the programme.