Prospectus – Acupuncture

Prospectus pack for the Lic.TCM


We are happy to announce that we are accepting applications for a place on this year’s Professional Acupuncture Training programme, which begins in early October 2023.

The Prospectus pack for the the Lic.TCM (Licentiate in TCM) includes the following downloadable files:

An introductory letter   Prospectus-Letter-2023

Acupuncture Training programme        Licentiate-in-Chinese-Medicine

An Application Form      Application-Form-Lic-TCM

The Fee schedule and Fee Payment Plan   Course-Fee-and-Payment-Plan


All other information required for making an application is available on this website, including many more details about all aspects of the Acupuncture Training programme.

If you have any further questions please Contact Us.