Syllabus – TCM Theory

Syllabus of the Acupuncture Training

This is the first page of the Lic.TCM Syllabus.

Students studying TCM theory

TCM Theory

  • History and Classical sources of Chinese Medicine
  • Philosophical foundations of Chinese Medicine
  • Yin Yang theory
  • Wu Xing theory (Five Phases theory)
  • The Five Vital Substances
  • Anatomy and physiology of TCM
  • Zangfu theory
  • Detailed analysis of the functions of each Zangfu
  • Jingluo theory
  • Location of Acupuncture points – theory and practice
  • Causes of disharmony and disease
  • Methods of treatment
  • Principles of therapeutics
  • Acupuncture
  • Moxibustion
  • Dietary therapy
  • Other TCM treatment methods such as Cupping


  • Differentiation of Patterns of Disharmony
  • Ba Gang theory (the Eight Principles)
  • Detailed analysis of the Patterns of Disharmony of each Zangfu
  • Diagnostic method – the Four Examinations
  • Pulse diagnosis
  • Tongue diagnosis
  • Principles and priorities of Treatment
  • Classification and action of Points
  • Acupuncture Point selection
  • Needling technique
  • Treatment techniques


  • Patient management
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Clinical Management
  • The treatment of common diseases – Aetiology and Pathology of Disease
  • The treatment of common diseases – with reference to Western pathology and Disease differentiation including infectious diseases, pain management, respiratory diseases, Headache, Rheumatism and Arthritis, Digestive diseases, cardio-vascular disorders, skin disease, back pain, emotional and mental disorders, childhood disorders, gynaecological disorders, infertility, urogenital disorders, eating and dietary irregularities, congenital and acquired deficiencies.
  • Introduction to Western Pharmacology – drug side effects and withdrawal
  • Clinical techniques and procedures – including sterile procedures
  • Clinical Management
  • The procedures and ethics of Referral
  • Professional Ethics and Codes of Practice
  • Consultation and liaison procedures.

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