Certificate in Medical Qigong

Course Structure

The Cert.MQG is a part-time programme, which comprises up to 24 days of professional training in Medical Qigong (Fa Gong Method), run over one or two years. Most commonly students attend for a series of weekends (Saturday and Sunday) or long weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) which are spread fairly evenly throughout the one or two years.

Course Aim

At the end of the programme graduates will have a thorough knowledge of the underpinning theory of Medical Qigong and will be able to apply Fa Gong Method (where they use their own Qi to treat clients) efficiently, effectively and safely to treat clients with ordinary illnesses.
Note: those wishing to use MQG to treat those with Serious conditions will need to progress to the Diploma Course which is described on the next page.

Course Content and teaching methods

The course includes theoretical study and practical training. Assessment will include ongoing practical examination of the student’s own practice of Qigong exercises, assignment work, and assessment of clinical competence in the Medical Qigong Clinic.


At the end of the Cert.MQG course students will:

    • Understand the basic theoretical foundations of Medical Qigong and in particular the principles underlying the Sending Out of External Qi (Wai Qi Fa) treatment of illness.
    • Recognise the historical roots of medical Qigong and the modern developments of medical Qigong sciences.
    • Understand and competently apply the principles of Song (Relaxation) and Tong (Free-flow).
    • Have developed a regular daily practice of health-promoting Qigong exercises to improve and refine their own Qi and regulate and harmonise the body, mind and spirit.
    • Refine, cleanse and increase their own Qi, and activate their Potential Energy, to benefit themselves and their clients/patients.
    • Be able to use their refined and improved Qi to augment their Acupuncture/TCM treatments (for example, by Emitting their Qi via the needles).
    • Understand and apply the principles of Pai (Discharge), Xie (Expelling) and Bu (Tonification) and use a variety of methods/techniques of Pai, Xie and Bu.
    • Be able to prescribe appropriate simple Qigong exercises for their clients/patients.
    • Learn and practise three different methods of Emitting (Sending Out) Wai Qi.
    • Be able to Emit Wai Qi to treat patients.
    • Be fully aware of, and act in conformity with, contra-indications to using MQG in treating patients.
    • Be fully aware of, and act in conformity with, the principles of Self-protection and fully utilise the techniques of Pai (Discharge).

This course permits and augments the treatment of common illnesses.

Professional Membership

On successful completion of such MQG qualifications, graduates are automatically eligible to apply for entry to the Professional Register of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Medical Qigong section, and thus to take up a profession as a practitioner of Medical Qigong.


Date of Next intake

The Diploma in Medical Qigong syllabus can be viewed here.