Qigong Booking Form

Qigong Booking Form

An illustration of one of the moves of a famous Qigong exercise called Baduanjin

Qigong for Health

Introduction to Health Promoting Qigong 

Date: T.B.A. The next one day workshop or weekend workshop is likely to run in May or June 2025.

Day: Saturday & Sunday
Time: 10.00 to 4.30 each day

Fee: €200*
*Earlybird discount is sometimes offered.

Course content: A two day introduction to Qián Tài Qìgōng  潜态氣功.
This is a system of Health-promoting and Medical Qigong designed by and taught to us by our Professors and Qigong Masters in China. The Workshop is held in our centrally-located College in Dublin 3.

Who can book a place: Open to all adults.
Places must be booked and paid for in advance.

Further Skills Qigong Weekend              

Date: Saturday and Sunday a 2 day weekend in September 2025.
Time10.00 to 4.30 each day

Fee: €200*
*Earlybird discount is sometimes offered.

Who can book a place: By Invitation only – suitable students  who have attended an Introductory Qigong Workshop are invited to attend a Further Skills Weekend  or to gain credits towards a Certificate in Qigong. (Please request details of the Cert.Qigong course if you are interested in learning more about the theory behind Qigong).

Qigong For Health – Booking and Payment

The Qigong Booking form can be sent by post, email or telephone. Details are shown on the Qigong Booking Form.

A calligraphy by the ICTCM founder Tom Shanahan showing the two Chances characters Qi and Gong.

Qigong Calligraphy by Tom Shanahan

Full payment must be received in advance. Bank Transfer is the preferred payment method.  Email your booking form to the Qigong Teacher who will forward the Bank details. You can also request the Bank transfer information by Contacting the College.

Payment can also be made (by post) by cheque, postal order or bank draft, made payable to the ICTCM, to be received 2 weeks before the Workshop Weekend.
Refund of course fees will only be made in the unlikely event of course cancellation.

Please note that the Qigong for Health weekends often fill up very quickly.

Who can apply for a Qigong for Health workshop

These weekends are suitable for people who:

  • have never done any Qigong before and want to learn some simple, basic and effective exercises to improve their relaxation, concentration, health and general wellbeing.
  • already practise some form of Qigong (or related discipline) and may wish, in the future, to learn more of the theoretical foundation of Medical or Health Promoting Qigong and extend the range of Qigong exercises they can use in their own personal Qigong practice.
  • are students or practitioners of Acupuncture or other forms of TCM and are thinking of embarking on the study and practice of Medical Qigong.

NOTE: We do NOT offer courses on how to teach Qigong exercises to other people – this is not the meaning of “Medical Qigong”, although once Medical Qigong graduates have reached a certain level of Qigong practice, their Qigong Masters may allow them to do some Qigong teaching.

You can find our more about What Qigong is and our Qigong for Health classes before making your booking.