ICTCM Acupuncture Training Fee payment options

Fee payment options

The ICTCM offers students several Acupuncture Training fee payment options to choose from. These options are tailored to meet the financial circumstances of all our students. Those who pay the annual fee in full before the date specified receive a discount. Installment plans are available for those without the resources to pay the whole fee in one go. There are several payment options to avail of for those who wish to spread their fee payments throughout the academic year. The fee installment options mean you can pay in either 2 equal installments or 4 equal installments over the course of the year.

If you are thinking of joining this year’s Acupuncture programme, which begins in early October, and would like to avail of the 4 payments option, please be advised that this option is not available to late applicants. It is advised you get your application in by the end of July to ensure this option is available to you.

After fees, there are very few additional costs. Other expenses would include one or two books per year, an examination fee at the end of second and third years and any resit fees if exams need to be taken again. At the end of the second year, you will need to purchase your own personal Clinic equipment to be used in the teaching clinic and afterwards in your own professional practice. 

For details on fees, have a look at the fee information available in the online prospectus pack, it includes detailed information on discounts and installment plans.